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What we're looking for

For the inaugural Create The Future competition, we’d like you to answer one or more of the following questions:

“What happens if we do take action to protect the planet? What does a sustainable future look like to you? What happens when we dare to dream?”

You can interpret these questions as loosely as you wish and explore it from any perspective. When assessing submissions, we will be looking for any of the following:

  • Fresh, new ways of thinking about and strengthening our connection to the rest of the living world
    For example, poems, creative essays or short stories about our connection to each other and the world around us
  • Bold, imaginative predictions or hopes for the future
    For example, solarpunk, utopian and speculative fiction. To get you started, think about a day in the life of someone your age in 100 years’ time. What are the most common jobs? How do you travel? What do you wear? Where do you shop? What does your town/city look like?
  • Stories that show us how we get from here to there
    For example, an imagined retrospective / letter to our generation from someone living in 50 / 100 years’ time
  • We are particularly keen to hear from voices that are not usually represented within the environmental movements, including but not limited to indigenous writers, writers of colour, writers from working class backgrounds, writers with disabilities, and other marginalised voices.

For further inspiration, please read about Our Vision.

How to enter

  1. Your entry must be saved in a word-type document (.doc, .docx, .odt) saved with a document name in the format YOURLASTNAME_TITLEOFWORK
  2. Please include within the same document a one-page coversheet containing:
    • your full name
    • preferred pronouns
    • age
    • email address
    • country of residence
    • if applicable, whether you consider yourself to be an underrepresented writer and why
  3. By submitting this information, you agree to the Create The Future Submission Terms and Privacy Policy
  4. Submit your work using the online form before 13th February 2022
  5. Due to the expected volume of entries and the voluntary nature of our staff, we will be unable to provide individual feedback or responses to unsuccessful entries. The titles of all successful entries will be posted on the competition website after judging has been completed.


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