School Champs for Climate Action

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Participation Process

STEP 1: Register for the 'School Champs For Climate Action' campaign at on 10th Nov and until 31st Dec 2021. Post registration, students can login anytime to submit their stories.

STEP 2: Submit the following:

  1. Submit a 250-300 word story on sustainable changes and actions against climate change that you brought about in your household/ School/ local community/ Online community. Your actions would be aligned to any of the ten impactful actions available at aimed to help in our fight against climate change. The story should be of your action taken between 1 April 2021 to 31 December 2021.
  2. Upload a 1-minute video showcasing the story and the impact achieved. The video must have one or both Parents/ Guardians, sharing their experiences about the actions you have taken to bring in a sustainable change.
  3. Verify the story and the video on authenticity. The verification certificate should be signed by the principal of the school. Download a sample format of the verification letter here


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