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We’re always on the lookout for key ideas to translate to film, and as a special project this year, we want to draw on the immense bank of talent that we know is out there amongst short story writers. What we want writers to do is to come up with a story platform that we can develop into a screenplay. Depending on suitability and quality, the final product might run anywhere from 45 minutes to feature length. Writers will retain full credit for the original idea – based on a story by – and will be involved in executive decisions regarding plot and background expansion.

We want to see ideas condensed into a maximum of 3000 words. Writers please note: technical or literary excellence is not really what we’re looking for. While we appreciate decent proofing, we are more interested in the power of your imagination than your language flair. Our screenwriters will be taking liberties with dialog and style will evolve as a compound product from a team of developers. Therefore, communicate your main idea clearly and simply. Film is just another impactful way to tell a story. We will endeavor to maintain the essence and spirit of the chosen work as closely as possible.

We’re only choosing one story to work with and so there is only one prize plus the bonus prize. The winner receives $5000 via PayPal along with the Hudson Passes. We hope the monetary prize allays some of the costs of getting to the Tribeca Festival and accommodation but is not solely allocated for that purpose. The winner is free to spend the award in any manner they wish.


This contest is open to any genre of story

Send your story as a Word Document or PDF to:

Email subject: BASED ON A STORY BY


Click Here To Submit Entry Fee via PayPal

Entrants will receive a confirmation email on submission. This is not an automated process so please give us about 48 hours to reply. Entrants will also receive updates on the progress of their story along with feedback where we feel we can contribute advice. A final decision will be taken by May 1st 2022. Good luck and get writing!


Bright Film Project © 2022

Terms and Conditions

• Authors may submit stories that are already in print provided they still have enough of the rights to allow us to complete the project without infringement on any other company.

• By entering the contest, authors agree to allow usage of their submitted work until the project is completed and further usage in connection with opportunities that the screenplay or film opens up. Concisely, authors may not withdraw the work once a decision has been reached and awards made.

• Authors must agree to relinquish artistic control of their work to the degree necessary for accommodations to budget, location, casting and any other resources required. In advance of any such accommodations, authors will be consulted and compromises will be reached in the best spirit of the work, as far as possible.

• Authors retain full rights to their original text and will always be referenced as the idea source – based on a story by – to allow for maximal exposure. Bright Film will assume credit for the screenplay and production of the work. Bright Film will hold full rights over the film product itself.

• Authors are responsible for negating complaints or allegations of plagiarism in regard to the original text. Should a third party bring it to Bright Film’s awareness that there is a plagiarism issue in the core material, the author will be responsible for proving that the complaint is unfounded. Should the author be unable to contest the allegation successfully, they will be obliged to refund any and all awards they have received from Bright Film.

Our experience:

Bright Film is led by a core team with a great smattering of industry savvy. In the past, members have worked on projects alongside PETE POSTLETHWAITE, DEJAN CUKIC, IBEN HJEJLE and JENNIFER LAWRENCE, with directors such as DAVID EARL, KRISTIAN KRYSFELDT and ROSE FINN, on successful franchises such as the FREE WILLY series and have had special focus on converting readymade material to film, including SWEENEY TODD, stories by JAMES JOYCE and BENJAMIN BRITTEN’S: PAUL BUNYAN. Our most recent collaborations have been with LILY LI and JUAN MALDACENA. We’re looking hard for our next material story writer. Is it you?



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