The Rain

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The Rain is an atmospheric podcast that aims to realize the vision of the lesser-known authors and writers in the world by creating a one-of-a-kind audio experience to fully immerse listeners in the world of the fiction. Patrick Juhl manages all of the recording, sound design, and production, and therefore he is very tired (so bear with him). The show was founded on the grounds that the world has no shortage of great stories and storytellers—they fall like the rain—but there are many stories that the world might never hear without the proper medium. This podcast aims to be that medium, so pour a mug of coffee, tea, hot chocolate; sit back, and let The Rain take you away for a few minutes.

If you have a story that you wrote and love (and you should love it—it’s a work of magic) and that you would like to be narrated on the podcast, email it to!

Patrick is always looking for ways to improve the show, and is always thinking of potential concepts for new series to make the world a more enjoyable place. If you have any comments, critiques, or ideas, you can email them to He loves to hear from his listeners.



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