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YALE and YEOMAN is a project run by graduates of UNSW Sydney. Our aim is to publish comprehensive texts that shed some light on Petrarch’s so-called ‘dark ages’ in literature. Our firm belief is that information still exists in human memory and genetic memory that has never found its way into print (or at least is unknown to us). Through encouraging writers to explore periods prior the Renaissance and use their imagination (which is intrinsically linked to intuition and genetic memory) we hope to find logical pieces of existing puzzles.

We collate historical fiction to establish broad, cross-cultural perspectives on known events as well as imagined tapestries of daily life and major occurrences in post classical history.

The period we’re most interested in is the millennium between 500 CE and 1500 CE, when the world’s population doubled in size. We will however consider fiction set outside this period if it is somehow linked to events therein and contains relevant information. We will also consider fiction set wholly outside this period if it is well written and aids understanding of human history. Please send us an enquiry if you’re unsure.

N.B. We don’t currently accept scholarly articles, essays or research papers.

[For regular submissions only] We would like writers to submit short fiction of 1000 – 2000 words for consideration. Our reading period is currently 4 – 6 weeks. If you haven’t heard from us after 4 weeks, please feel free to make an enquiry. We pay a flat fee of AUD $60 for each story we publish in part or in full. This includes sections we might wish to work into a longer composite text. Our reading fee is AUD $5, payable after we have received your submission. Writers may submit more than one story but please send them together and wait for our response before sending a second round.

The Yeoman’s Word – Contest

‘But al thyng which that shineth as the gold Nis nat gold, as that I have herd it told’ – Chaucer’s Yeoman

As 2021 draws to a close, we want to round it off with a good old fashioned writing contest. Thanks to author Michael O’Hanlon who kindly donated the prize of AUD $500, we are definitely in a position to do so. The contest is open to anyone over 18 years on deadline day which is the 19th of November

The rules are very simple and as follows:

1. Writers create or adapt a tale up to 1000 words in length which is set somewhere between 500 CE and 1500 CE

2. The story must be told in the first person (so the narrator speaks as a witness or storyteller). Alternatively, it can be delivered more like an address to a single person or group (negating the need for the use of ‘I’)

3. The tale must be rounded off with some type of closing remark from the narrator, which imparts judgement, wisdom or a moral to the story. Wit is highly desirable

4. The manuscript should contain no identifying details as we would like to read entries blind. Submissions should be saved as (title).docx or (title).pdf and attached to an email which contains the author’s name and basic contact details

5. For administrative purposes we ask that entrants put CONTEST as the email subject. We will follow up receipt with a reading fee request for the sum of AUD $7 per story *

* If due to personal circumstances you find the fee prohibitive please mention this in your submission email and we will make other arrangements

6. Submissions will not be used for any other purpose than those of the contest itself. We require one-time publication rights in order to display the winner and runners-up here online. Successful stories will be available to read for a period of one month

7. Results will be announced in the new year, on January 4th 2022 after shortlisting and contestant notification. The winner will receive the prize sum via PayPal

‘Fly not, cowards and vile beings, for a single knight attacks you’ – Don Quixote



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