Periscope Flash Fiction Award

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800 words


Flash Fiction

We want your very best hard-hitting flashes on the theme of:

‘that might just be crazy enough to work’

We want your tongue-in-cheek clichés, your desperate reinterpretations, your hopes, dreams and nightmares. We want your frustrations, your ‘I told you so’s and whatever else your characters might come up with in the struggle for on-page survival, or death. We want precision, perspective and mind-blowing revelations. Make us see the theme in ways we couldn’t possibly conceive of, without you!

In short, we want it all, but we want it short: 800 words – tops. One entry per author so put your heart, soul and bag of tricks into it.


Midnight December 15th 2021 (worldwide)



[Waivers granted for writers in economic hardship. Email: to apply. Unlimited places available]


February 1st 2021

Online publication for winner, runner-up* and FOUR HONOURABLE MENTIONS, each of whom each receive a £50 pat on the back.

*Runner-up prize to be determined by merit


At the risk of repeating ourselves, we’ll state all the rules as clearly as we can, but if you’re still unsure of anything, please drop us a line to: and somebody friendly will get back to you asap

• Contestants must be 18+ by Dec 15th 2021.

• Contestants are to submit one piece of Flash Fiction only by email to:

• This contest’s singular thematic phrase: ‘that might just be crazy enough to workmust be included somewhere in the text.

• Submissions must be sent as .doc or .docx (.pdf as a last resort) files, attached to the email. Please do not paste your entry into the email body.

• Submissions must contain only a title (obligatory) and a maximum of 800 words of prose. Do not place any identifying information on the submission document. This is to allow for fair adjudication.

• Submissions should be typed in a standard 12pt font with no frills, and double-spaced.

• For administrative purposes, we ask that you type: PERISCOPE CRAZY as the email subject line. Please add some basic contact information, your real name (and a brief bio if you want to brighten the coordinator’s day) in the email body.

• A fee request will be sent from PayPal on receipt of your submission. Prior to this, you will receive a confirmation email.

• All prize monies will be transferred by PayPal within four weeks of notification.

• We ask for one-time publication rights in regard to the winner, runner-up and four honourable mentions. Authors retain all other rights to their work.

• We accept simultaneous submissions but please notify us immediately so we can withdraw your entry if it has been successful elsewhere.

• Please do not submit work that has been successful in another contest or published elsewhere (barring your personal website).

• Material that is discriminatory or blatantly offensive will be disregarded in whole.

• We support equal opportunities for writers and extend the same welcome to all individuals, regardless of background, identification or personal mythology.

• Results will be announced on February 1st 2021. Prior to this, all contestants will be notified personally about the shortlist.

• The decisions of the adjudicators are respected and considered final.

Available below for inspiration are last season’s winners of the ‘Genius’ Flash Fiction Contest – limited to 400 words. Enjoy!



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