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Entry rules

  • Contest entries should be flash fiction or short stories, with an absolute word limit of 1000 words.

  • There is no required prompt or topic. Write whatever you'd like! We want to see you get creative!

  • There is no preferred genre or format of story. Longer stories will not be granted an advantage.

  • Poetry is not permitted.

  • This contest is international - you do not have to reside in Canada to participate.

  • You may submit as many entries as you would like. However, the entry fee will be applied individually to each entry. So if, for example, you submit four entries, you must pay four times the entry fee ($2 CAD).

  • Acceptable file formats are: .doc, .docx, .txt, and .pdf

Judging Rules

  • All judging decisions are final.

  • The winner will be contacted via email. If you do not respond to the email within one week of receipt, your prize will be void and we will select the runner-up as the new winner.

  • The winner will be published on this website.

  • The winner will receive a prize of $200 CAD.

Submission guidelines

  • Submissions close December 31st, 2021, at 11:59PM. Any submissions received after that deadline will not be considered, and payments received after that deadline will not be refunded.

  • Submissions are made online, on this website.

    • Online submissions must be in the above-listed format.

    • Mail submissions are not accepted.

  • The submission fee for the contest is $2. This fee is charged per submission. The number of entries you submit is not capped, but you must pay $2 per entry.



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