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The Submissions Portal opens October 1st and closes at midnight October 31st, so please check back here to find the application link to send in your idea.

Don’t worry if you don’t have an agent or if you’ve never made something before - you just need to be a creator with a new idea. We’ve built our entire company on our ability to spot and mentor talent, to nurture your vision and help you craft it into the next must-watch show.

We’re looking for creative work in all forms, from stand-up routines, character designs, graphic novels, animation shorts, scripts, to anything in between. If you’re passionate about your idea and think it could translate to the screen, we want to see it.

Here’s the deal. 3 winning projects will receive up to £10,000 of development funding. If we select your idea, we’ll help you develop it into a compelling package that can be pitched to a commissioner. That could be a script and a show bible, or it might be a script plus design work or an animation test – however we can most vividly capture your idea to give it the best chance of reaching global audiences. Rest assured, if we’re unable to progress the project, we’ll give it back to you clean – no strings attached or money to repay.

We specialise in TV shows aimed at audiences between the ages of 6 and 30, and we focus on character-led projects with a youthful perspective and sense of humour. We’re not developing preschool or factual / educational programmes.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

If you won’t be ready to send your idea to us in October - we'll also be opening another round of Submissions in April 2022.

Our submissions call-outs are aimed at new creators. If you do have an agent and would like to reach out, or if you're an agent and want to submit a project on behalf of your client, please contact us at development@wildseedstudios.com.



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