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e are open for submissions. Please read our guidelines before sending your work. 

We are first and foremost interested in publishing nonfiction: memoir, creative nonfiction, and autobiography. That is where we started and where our heart will always be. 


Recently we decided to open up to fiction submissions as well. We're really excited about this and particularly interested in publishing literary fiction with a nonfiction tone. Also, just to clarify, we're not considering any genre fiction (commercial fiction) or poetry collections at this time. 

Submissions should be emailed to with a brief cover letter.  

Submission Guidelines

  • We accept submissions in these genres: memoir, creative nonfiction, autobiography and adult literary fiction.

  • We prefer manuscripts with a word count of 25K and up.

  • Before submitting, please take a look at the books we’ve published.

  • In your cover letter, tell us why you feel your work would be a good fit with Guts. If you have read any of our books, tell us which one. If you haven’t, tell us what you’re currently reading and/or your favorite books.

  • We are looking to publish UK writers, please tell us about your relationship with the UK (born here, lived here, etc).

  • Please send your full manuscript and your bio. Synopses are optional, but appreciated. Attachments are fine. Subject line: Your Name / Fiction or Nonfiction 

  • We welcome submissions from agented and non-agented writers.

  • We encourage submissions from debut or emerging UK writers.

  • We encourage submissions from women, BAME, disabled, working-class and LGBTQ+ writers.

  • Although we love helping new writers, we unfortunately cannot offer any feedback on submissions. (If you are looking for advice on your writing, we have a Publishing Coach service which is an editorial service that includes guidance and advice on publishing: Please note, this is entirely separate from a submission and would not increase the chance of your book being published with Guts.)

  • Subscribe to our newsletter, to get an idea of who we are:

  • Follow us on social media. We’re mostly on Twitter and Instagram.

We’re a small team here at Guts, and we’re doing what we’re doing because we love books and love sharing a great story. We know how much time and dedication it takes to write a book, and the guts it takes to send your work to us. Thank you very much for thinking of us and we look forward to reading your work. 


If we have any questions about your work, we’ll get in touch. Usually within 1 - 2 months. If you don't hear from us, please don’t take it personally and don’t be discouraged. We publish about four titles per year, and we’re picky, and we're a small team, and it’s good to keep in mind that publishing is absolutely subjective. What one publisher may take a pass on, with another it may be a perfect fit. That’s just how it works. 

Take care and stay well, and keep writing. For the nonfiction writers, take a look below at our section on nonfiction book proposals and the RSL Giles St Aubyn Awards for Non-Fiction.

xx Julianne

Editor, Guts Publishing



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