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5 Fathoms Publishing is the book publishing partner to Orca, A Literary Journal. We are open for queries for both fiction and nonfiction works. Although we are a new book publisher, our staff has many years of experience in publishing. We understand what it takes to bring a book to fruition, from editing and cover design, to marketing and distribution. We are committed to working with our writers to achieve a successful book launch and publication run.

We plan to publish two to three books in the coming year

Fiction: We are particularly interested in books that exist on the boundary between literary and speculative—books of profound imagination and exquisite writing. In your submission please include, in a single document: a query letter and the first 10 pages of your book. A synopsis of 1-2 pages is optional. In your query letter please provide a paragraph or two focusing on the main plot and themes of your book, with an emphasis on what makes it unique and publishable. Also include a paragraph about you and your writing experience. Don't be afraid to mention that you've never been published before—in some cases that's a plus not a minus. For help in writing a query letter please see Jane Friedman's expert advice. If you are submitting a short story collection please also provide an acknowledgements list. At least two-thirds of your stories should have been previously published in reputable literary journals.

Nonfiction: Topics of interest include current social and political events, science, nature, environment, history, mathematics, and true crime. A collection of essays is also welcome. We will also consider memoir, but your story needs to be much more interesting than a family history. Send a query letter, a table of contents, and the first 10 pages. Although agents and larger publishers often prefer to work with writers to craft a work of nonfiction to the market, we are not staffed for that task, and prefer your book to be completed or near completion.

Quota: This project has established a quota. Submissions will close when it is reached.



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