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Deadline August 30th

This season we decided to run another Flash Fiction contest. With almost a thousand entrants in the spring, writing to a word limit of 1500, we read 1.5 million words. Pats on the back all round. The standard was amazing!

So, here’s what we’re thinking…

First Prize £800

2nd Prize £200

We’re going to condense things further too. When a massive star burns out, gravity takes over and reduces it to a one dimensional point of zero size. Okay, maybe not that far. 400 words, give or take a cheeky few.

And the theme is…


That’s right. We’re looking for your take on genius in 400 words – FICTION ONLY

Is there such a thing?

How do we define it?

What is the shadow side of genius?

Evil genius vs comic genius!

We won’t hold your imagination back…

Neither should you!

Contest Rules

All contestants must be aged 18+

Write an original and entertaining piece of prose on the given theme of ‘Genius’

Hint – We’re looking for astounding objectivity, clever perspectives and a keen sense of awareness in a fun flash

All work must be based in the English language (please proofread carefully)

As stated, each entry must be approximately 400 words in length and authors may submit up to three entries

Attach entries as a Word or PDF file and email to:

Put GENIUS in the subject line and add contact details (and optional bio) in the body of the email

When the entries are received and checked, we will send a PayPal request for the reading fee of £6

Second entry is £5, Third entry is £4

If the author is currently receiving state support, please send one piece of photographic evidence in favour of a fee waiver (available to the first 50 applicants)

We ask for one-time publication rights to display the winning piece, runner-up and three honourable mentions online

All other rights are retained by authors

The adjudicators’ decisions are final

Good luck!

Deadline Midnight August 30th 2021

Results announced on November 1st

Please address all correspondence and enquiries to:



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