Beartooth Anthony’s Halloween Campfire Story Contest

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In honor of Halloween and Fall Camping Season, Beartooth Anthony is holding our fourth annual Halloween campfire short story contest.

Up for grabs is an Eno DoubleNest® Hammock, which will be awarded to the author of the most bone-chilling short story.

Stories will be submitted for review by a panel of judges, comprised of teachers and outdoor enthusiasts.  Finalists will be chosen, and their stories will be posted along with the winning story.

Results from the 2020 campfire story contest can be found here.

Results from the 2019 campfire story contest can be found here.

Results from the 2018 campfire story contest can be found here.

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Story should be appropriate for all ages, no foul language or sexual content please.  Inappropriate stories will not be accepted.
  2. Winner will be decided based on the judges votes.
  3. The submission deadline is October 22nd and the winning story will be posted by October 31st, 2021.
  4. The prize will be awarded before the end of November.

To submit your short story, please:

  1. Submit your spooky campfire story using the form below.
  2. The submission deadline is October 22nd, at the stroke of midnight (EST).
  3. Enjoy reading the stories, posted on Halloween night!
  4. Have fun, encourage others, love the outdoors, and keep writing!

The Prize:

The winning story will be published on the Beartooth Anthony website.  Our website aims to provide information that helps people better enjoy the outdoors.

The winner will receive an Eno DoubleNest® Hammock. This lightweight hammock is heavy duty, portable, and extremely comfortable. Toss it in your pack for your next hike, hang around the campsite, or lounge around your local park. The DoubleNest® is the perfect hammock for outdoor adventures.



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