King Lear Prizes

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Entries must be received by the competition application deadline of 23:59 (UK time), Friday 19th March 2021.

There is no limit on the number of entries an entrant can submit.

Entrants are allowed to submit works which they have created in the past, but each entrant must submit at least one new original work which has been created during the period January - March 2021.

All entries must be the entrant’s original work.

Entries must not have been published, broadcast or featured among the winners in another competition before 19 March 2021. You are permitted however to share your work with friends and family, and on personal social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter etc.).

Entries may be submitted by the entrant themselves, or by another person on behalf of the entrant (such as a friend or family member), with the permission of the entrant.

Entries should be submitted via the online entry form on the King Lear Prizes website, unless the entrant has extenuating circumstances which mean they are unable to do so.

The online entry form on the King Lear Prizes website will open for entries on 4 January 2021.

An entry fee of £5.00 is payable for each entry into the competition, to be paid via the King Lear Prizes online form, to cover the costs of the competition.

Under no circumstances can alterations be made to submissions once entered.

Entries made via the website will receive automatic confirmation at the time of submission.




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