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Flypaper is 100% committed to changing the culture in publishing and is especially interested in work from PoC, queer, women, neurodivergent, immigrant, disabled, and other underrepresented writers in the literary world. FPM also loves receiving submissions from writers with some relation to Ohio, though this is in no way a requirement to submit. We refuse to publish any work that is racist, queerphobic, xenophobic, fascist, or hateful in any way. Additionally, we refuse to publish writers whose work may not espouse these views but who personally do.

Note: We reserve the right to remove your work from our publication should Flypaper become aware of incidences of improper behavior, plagiarism, hate speech, patterns of abuse, or other stipulations not enumerated here. We reserve the right to do so without notice and the bar you from future submissions.

Flypaper believes writers should be paid for their work and are able to pay $10/ piece, we wish it could be more and as our project continues to grow, we are confident the amount we’re able to pay writers will grow as well. If you want to support us and help us reach that goal, consider buying an issue from our shop.

Note: Should your submission not follow the guidelines enumerated below it may be returned to you rejected and unread.

Note: If you are sending content related to drug use, violence, sexual or other forms of abuse, suicide/suicidal ideation, self-harm, or other potentially triggering topics, we ask that you include a short content warning with your submission.

If submitting poems, short stories, flash fiction, CNF, or essays:

Flypaper accepts unsolicited submissions in these genres only during the months of January and February via our Submittable portal ( We hope to get back to you by the end of March or shortly into April. All accepted work is published online and then select pieces are chosen for inclusion in our yearly print anthology, which is scheduled for release each December.

For poems, send no more than three, with each new poem beginning on a separate page, in a single word document.

For flash fiction (less than 500 words), send no more than two pieces in a single document, with each piece beginning on a separate page.

For short stories, essays, or CNF, there is no word count limit but we prefer pieces less than 3000 words. Submit only one piece in any of these genres.

All submissions must be previously unpublished. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable so long as you notify us promptly if a piece has been accepted elsewhere and is no longer open to consideration (you can do so by making a note in Submittable). Include a short cover letter with each submission as well as a brief bio.

All submissions are free until we reach our Submittable cap for the month, at which point the option closes. Expedited review, and feedback submissions remain an option past this point but require a fee.

Expedited Review ($5): Your submission will be reviewed and a decision made within 2 weeks.
Feedback ($15): Your submission will be reviewed and a decision made within 1 month. Line edits and general feedback will be provided by one of our editors.

If Submittable proves inaccessible send the piece(s) to with a short note saying so.

Note: Unless otherwise asked, you are allowed one submission per reading period, do not withdraw and resubmit the same piece, if accepted, there will be time to work on revision before the work is published.​ Additionally, you are only permitted one submission per reading period for all genres. For example, you may not submit both poetry and essays in the same reading period. 

If submitting album reviews, music writing, book reviews, column proposals, or interviews:

We accept submissions in these disciplines year-round and have no word-count limit for these kinds of pieces. To submit pieces like these send an email to with the subject line reading the type of submission it is and the submission itself included as an attachment (unless you are pitching a column, which can be done in the body of the email).

All submissions must be previously unpublished. Simultaneous submissions are acceptable so long as you notify us promptly if a piece has been accepted elsewhere and is no longer open to consideration, this can be done by sending a follow-up email in the thread created by the submission.

Should your work be accepted:

Flypaper gains first exclusive North American rights and the ability to publish the work on our website and in any future anthology or collective work. After first publication of the work, all rights revert back to the author. However, should the work reappear in a future publication, such as anthology or collection, we ask that you acknowledge the work's appearance in Flypaper initially.

You will be paid an honorarium of $10/piece on the day Flypaper publishes your work. 


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