And The Filled the Skies wiht Letters of Hope

 Full details 

This is a voluntary project I’m working on that will culminate in an outdoor performance with letters from the community (wherever you might be) addressed to the community. The letters  will be displayed and or delivered in the community after they are part of the performance.

Theme: hope

The letters can be anonymous, or you can leave your name, but please don’t address your letter to anyone in particular - e.g. Dear John (unless you think that would be interesting…) 

Please include the hashtag #lettersofhope21 somewhere on your letter, as well as your area (e.g. Sunderland) On a separate sheet, please add your email address if you’d like me to be in touch about the project.

Your letters can be short or long, in any language, illustrated or bare, on plain paper or something handcrafted, they could be a paper aeroplane, typed or written, just words (or one!) of hope or a whole letter … you could even send an audio file if you prefer, but you get the idea.

You might be an experienced writer, or someone who would never have imagined themselves as a writer, but all our words can bring hope. 

If you wish to send a letter, please mail them to me by 1st March:

Sarah Dobbs

University of Sunderland

Faculty of Arts and Creative Industries

St Peter’s Campus


The piece will be filmed and broadcast mid-March, with your letters falling from the skies. 

All letters will be delivered and displayed around the north east shortly after, in the hope of offering just that - hope - to someone else.

Any queries, just pop me a message -

Note on environmental impact:

Many thanks for your concerns around this important area. I wish to reassure you that the ‘falling from the skies element’ is a controlled practice and there will be no negative impact on the environment or any material left after the performance. Please get in touch if you would like more specifics.



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