Voice of Peace Short Story and Poetry Competition

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An act of peace is one of the simplest and most cordial form of humanity, with our peace voices we can make our world become a better place. Today, The League of POETS seeks to promote peace at the frontline of global crisis by embarking on its first ever intercontinental poetry and short stories anthology.

We are looking for entries that brings the world together. Entries that seeks for unification, exhorts love, harmonizes truth and portrays touching acts of kindness. We want entries that stands on its own as a collective voice of peace.

Guidelines for Submission

  1. Africa Submission (Poetry/ Short Story)
  2. Asia Submission (Poetry/ Short Story)
  3. Australia/Oceania Submission (Poetry/ Short Story)
  4. Europe Submission (Poetry/Short Story)
  5. North America Submission (Poetry/Short Story)
  6. South America Submission (Poetry/Short Story)


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