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Open Access to Mighty Pens Winter Short Story Competition for Members and Non Members Alike

What does winter mean to you? Does it conjure up the roar of the fire and the cosiness of this beautiful season? Or do you long for the spring to show its face again? It is Mighty Pen’s privilege to introduce our first ever short story competition with the theme ‘Winter’ to be interpreted in any way you like. The team here and fellow members will be keen to read your work and if our judges really like it then you will be a Mighty Pens Award Winner!

You will not only receive a Mighty Pens Certificate of Honour but you will also receive a £50 shopping gift card from M&S. In addition you will be honoured on our web pages and have your work published in the next Mighty Pens magazine.

In this new and exciting competition we encourage everyone to showcase their writing talent. There will be two winners from the  over-18s sector and two from the under-18s.

The deadline for entries is January 31st and the four winners will be notified by February 28th. So why not enter Mighty Pens Tears In Winter short story competition now? However you feel about winter, Mighty Pens would love to read it.

Why Not Enter Today?

This exciting new competition is open for everyone to enter but don’t forget that Mighty Pens membership is for all ages. You will gain access to the Short Story Competition and many other upcoming star studded writing competitions for all genres, styles and experiences levels among many other special benefits such as writing tips and hints. So what are you waiting for? Mighty Pens is looking forward to meeting you and reading your literary talents.

Mighty Pens Winter Short Story Competition Entry Requirements

  • Entries cost £4.00 each (Members £2.00 each)  and there is a maximum of three entries per person. See our Payments link and please mark Mighty Pens Winter Short Story Competition 2020 with your details.

  • Entries must be between 500 and 1,000 words excluding title and author’s name and must be submitted in pdf format. No printed entries please.

  • Entries are open from now until 11:59 on January 31st 2021. Sadly entries made after this time cannot be accepted but do watch out for the next competition.

  • There is no upper age limit though entrants younger than 18 should seek the written approval of their parent of guardian to enter

  • Each entry must be the exclusive work of the author

  • Although Mighty Pens celebrates individual interpretation of the theme, no offensive, degrading, abusive or hurtful language, humour or inference will be tolerated. Entries that do contain such will be disqualified.

  • Entries must not have been published or appeared anywhere else, including any placement in another competition

  • Entrants from all over the world are welcome to enter although all entries must be written in English

  • The judges’ decision is final and no discussion will be entered into

  • Mighty Pens retains all rights to cancel or postpone the competition at any time and in the event of such a decision entry fees will be reimbursed.

  • Formatting is at the author’s discretion though request is made that the font be legible

  • Any person or persons affiliated with Mighty Pens and their partners are excluded from entry into this competition.

  • Copyright remains with the author but Mighty Pens will have automatic permission rights to use winning material for promotional or editorial purposes.

  • Please ensure that your full name, address and email address are included within your entry pdf and indicate – honestly! – if you are over 18.

Most importantly have fun! Chances are, if you enjoy writing it, then Mighty Pens will certainly enjoy reading it. So have good enjoy your literary process the and take the opportunity to showcase your own unique writing talents. We look forward to reading your entries.



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