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How I Survived 2020

From Australian wildfires to COVID, murder hornets to zombie minx, 2020 has been a crazy year. We want to hear how you survived! Write a short story, write an essay, or a poem. Whatever you want. This is your story of how you survived 2020. Write a 12 page recap of Tiger King if you’d like. Whatever helped you get through this crazy, crazy year!

We plan to take the submissions and turn them into a great book for us all to look back on, or burn in our cleansing of 2020. Both are therapeutic! Check out our guidelines below and submit your work!


Other than just surviving the year, we’re excited to give out some great prizes!

1st Place – $250 Cash Prize

2nd Place – $150 Cash Prize

3rd Place – $100 Cash Prize

Plus, $200 prizes for Best Poem, Best Short Story, Best Haiku, Best Photograph, and more!

Submission Guidelines:

– There are no rules on the type of writing and the length. Though, if you’re submitting a novel, we’d like to direct you to our novel contests! Click here.

– Your submission must be in a .doc format

– Your submission must be accompanied by a photograph that you took or artwork that you created. It doesn’t have to be a photo of YOU. It should be representative of how you spent 2020. This should be uploaded as a separate file.

All submissions must be received by January 15th, 2021.

All submissions will receive feedback from our judges after our winners have been announced at no additional cost.

Submission Fee – $

Terms and Conditions:



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