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Short stories: closes 31st December 2020   Number of words max. 4500 (min.500) 

Theme: something quirky, unusual, out of line, odd, weird, haunting, looked at slantwise.

1st Prize:  € 250

Judge GARY BILLS, prize-winning poet, author of Bizarre Fables. and A Letter for Alice. Stories may have already been published providing author retains copyright.

Fees: Early bird (till midnight 15th October): £8 sterling cheque (payable to G.Griffin-Hall) or €10 (Paypal).

From 16th October £10 sterling cheque or €12 (Paypal). 

Paypal Donate button below or go to Paypal and send to poetryonthelake@yahoo.co.uk]




Winning entries (poems & stories) may be published in an anthology, we will contact authors first for permission.

Single or double spacing. By post: 2 copies, no identification on manuscript, plus cover sheet with title & contact details. By email: Stories, attached in doc; docx, or rtf (not pdf), titled, must not bear author’s identifying details. Put latter in separate document bearing story title and, inside, contact and payment details, and title again.

Address for stories:  

postal entries:  address: Poetry on the Lake - 28016 Isola San Giulio, Novara - Italy


online entry for stories: potlisg@gmail.com   subject line: stories 2020

email for enquiries: poetryonthelake@yahoo.co.uk




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