Soundwork Monologue Competiton

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Monologue Competition 2020

To enter the monologue competition, send an attachment of a monologue of up to ten minutes to by 30th November 2020. Put your name and address on the first page (important).  There is no entry fee and no receipt of entry will be sent. The winner will have the monologue recorded by a professional actor and placed on Soundcloud and on the website. Monologues may be sent from any country and may have been produced elsewhere.
Christine's theatre work has been seen in the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Denmark, Mexico, Korea and the US, along with dozens of scripts for CBS, CTV, History and the Family Channel. In San Miguel  de Allende, Mexico, she was the first artistic director of the Diez Minutos Festival and in 2018 won the Marion Thauer Brown New Drama Award while writing and producing pub theatre in the UK. Her full length black comedy Four Thieves Vinegar had a successful run in London before being remounted at the Brighton Fringe 2019. She has published several short stories and her novella Lemon Golf (Must Try Harder) was a finalist in the 2019 Heritage Future Great Story Contest in California.



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