Globe Soup Autimn Poetry Competition

 Full details 

Check out our testimonials page to see what previous participants have been saying about Globe Soup Writing Competitions.

By entering the competition you are granted access to The Globe Soup Writing Group. Meet fellow participants, take part in our free to enter writing competitions and join the Globe Soup Beta Exchange programme. Get valuable feedback on your work and grow exponentially as a writer.

Prize: £1,000

Entry Fee: £5 for Early Entry, £8 for General Entry

Opens: 01:00 (GMT) 30th August 2020

Closes: 23:00 (GMT) 11th November 2020

Winner Announced: 30th November 2020

Are you an aspiring Poet?

We’re looking for the best poem of up to 50 lines. The theme for Globe Soup Poetry Competitions is always:

‘Poetry with a Sense of Place’

We accept all forms and styles of poetry.

We can’t wait to see where this competition takes you!

How to enter:

  1. First, read the competition rules carefully.

  2. Next, buy a ticket. We use Paypal/Stripe to sell our tickets. Which means you can buy your ticket safely and securely.

  3. Now you receive an email the submission instructions.

  4. You can begin writing and you have until the closing time to submit. Good luck!



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