The National Poetry Competition

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The 2020 National Poetry Competition is now open for entries!  Start your entry by following this link.


03/09: You can now read our judges’ Q&As with both Karen McCarthy Woolf and Jonathan Edwards – find out their advice for getting past a blank page, editing tips, and more.

20/08: Our third writing guide is here from commended poet Ella Frears, on poems that explore the unknowable and unexpressable, and the way timelessness can speak to the current climate. Download it for free here.

15/07: The next in our series of writing guides is now available, from past National Poetry Competition winner Eric Berlin, looking at poems where the speakers’ perspectives turn on their heel. You can view the resource here.

24/06: We’ve published a new guide on nature writing from former National Poetry Competition judge and commended poet Pascale Petit. Take a look here!


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