World Environemt Day

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Local hope for a future together.
With life as we know it turned on its head, a lot of us have some time to think. Covid-19 has brought to light the strength of local communities and the benefits that acting locally can have on our environment.
As we look to the future, Sustainable Wales wants us as communities to imagine a more local, more sustainable, and more ethical way of living and being in the world.
‘Our Square Mile’ is a project to help us to imagine that future. We will be paying five writers to write any form of work imagining the square mile outside their front door over the next ten years.
We want you to hear your hopes and fears, your love and your passion for the place where you live.
Each writer will be paid £100 to write a piece of 3-5 pages in length to be published on our website, alongside five other pieces written by working writers from across Wales. Please write in the language(s) you feel most comfortable writing in.
If selected, we will be sure to check that you are happy with the final piece prior to publication.
Deadline for submissions is Midday 1 September 2020.
Please send your entry to
This is a difficult time for us all. Help us to imagine a better future. Together.
Robert Minhinnick & Jon Berry


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