The Mayflower Competition

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Schoolchildren in Plymouth are being invited to show their creativity by entering a special competition as part of the Mayflower 400 commemorations.
Run by the Devon Family History Society, in partnership with Swords and Spindles Living History, the competition is open to Plymouth area students aged between five and 16 (reception year to KS4).
This includes pupils in the city and surrounding areas, such as Ivybridge and Tavistock.
Everyone who enters will receive a certificate, and prizes will be awarded at the Mayflower International Genealogical Conference in Plymouth Guildhall on 29 August.
There are 10 ways you can enter. Simply choose one or two items from the list below:
1. Tell the story of one of the Mayflower passengers or one of your 17th century ancestors or someone who lived in your town in the 1600s.
2. Design your own Lego model that reflects the Mayflower story. Send photographs and a short, written description of your model.
3. It's 1621 in New England. Write to your cousin in Plymouth, Devon, describing your first winter.
4. Make a 17th century outfit for a doll or toy, and send photographs of your creation.
5. It's 1670. What have the Mayflower passengers "missed" in England since 1620?
6. Draw a May Flower and use it to create a design (this can be a drawing, painting, collage or computer design) Please do not send in collages, and remember to take photographs.
7. Write and illustrate a poem about one of the Mayflower passengers.
8. Design a Wampum belt (this can be a drawing, painting, collage or computer design) Please do not send in collages, take photographs.
9. Design and illustrate a page from your 17th century 'recipe' book, giving 'cures' for the plague.
10. Use the list of the Mayflower passengers' first names or family names and discuss using charts and research.



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