Sydney Hammond Memorial Short Story Competition

Full details

Winner $250AU Hawkeye Publishing Gift Voucher + anthology cover based on the winner’s story
Short-Listed and Long-Listed announced
TOP 40 published in an anthology – free copy to all published entrants.
(Sponsorship Opportunities Available – Contact Carolyn)
Closes 6PM Monday 1st August 2020
Maximum 1,000 words 
Theme: If only…
$10AU entry
We’re looking for jolly good tales. Show us the positive. The growth. The light-hearted. The heart-warming. The gut-wrenchingly beautiful. Sadness can feature, but we’re looking for evolution in the mix.
Critical thinking, humour, difference will be highly regarded. 
The theme of If only…is expansive, allowing for imaginations to run wild. If you’re unsure where to start, here are some prompts to get you started. You may write of, for example, about life choices made by an individual, a group, or a government. It can be a fictional tale or a true story. Your character might reflect on how choices made by others affected their own life, or how they are gripped with indecision as they face a life altering situation and how they will reflect on their decision in the future. Think  Sliding Doors. The possibilities are endless. These are just a few suggestions and we look forward to reading your stories and seeing where your mind takes you.
Judges are looking for the following:
  • Storytelling ability
  • Adherence to the competition theme
  • Spelling & Grammar
  • Layout conforms to the competition guidelines
Judges : 
  • C T Mitchell – Bestselling international mystery crime writer.
  • Kylie Kaden – a thrilling voice in Australian Domestic Noir. Her second book Missing You was nominated People’s Choice Awards 2015.
  • Carolyn Martinez – Director, Hawkeye Publishing + Editor + Author.
Prize Pool :
  • Winner: $250AU Hawkeye Gift Voucher + Anthology front cover design based on winner’s story.
  • Shortlisted (2nd – 4th placed) names published.
  • Top 40 stories will be published in an anthology – recording in perpetuity community spirit of 2020.
Shortlisted (Top 10) and Longlisted (11-40) finalists names published on
Judges can’t wait to read your stories!
Read about last year’s winner, short listed and long listed here.
See last year’s anthology, Allsorts, here. The theme for 2019 was Diversity.
We recommend Winning Short Story Competitions as an essential writing guide. Competition judges L. E. Daniels and C. Sawyer show what it takes to win, short-list and long-list in competitions. Short list and long list credits are just as beneficial to a writer’s career, as wins are.
Hawkeye Publishing extends a huge thank you to our Gold Sponsors of the inaugural prize in 2019, Tony and Christine Hammond (Sydney Hammond’s son and daughter-in-law), for enabling the winner’s cash prize, the printing of the 40 anthologies for the Top 40, and the cover design for the book!
And Karen & Shane Traversari – silver sponsors – we thank you, thank you.
Hawkeye Publishing extends a big thank you to Lynette Hammond (Sydney Hammond’s daughter) and Silvana Nagl for sponsoring proofreading services!
It was a family & friends affair to launch the inaugural Sydney Hammond Memorial Short Story Competition in 2019…
Editing, Page Setting, Distribution & Sales, and Publicity provided by Carolyn Martinez (Sydney Hammond’s daughter) through Hawkeye Publishing.


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