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Page & Spine is a paying site.  Because of the large number of submissions, we will no longer accept submissions that do not comply with our submissions requirements.  Emails containing attachments will be deleted unopened and without notice.

Please research our site for appropriate style and content of submissions.  Our readers like what we publish.

Requirements and rates:
Short Stories up to 3,000 words. Flash Fiction to 1,000 words.  Format:  Single space.  Indent paragraphs. Do not skip a line between paragraphs. Considered between October 1st and June 1st only.
Up to 3 
Poems of not more than a total of three typewritten pages.  Considered between October 1st and June 1st only.
The Writers' Table writing-related essays, book reviews, favorite author profiles of not more than 2,000 words.
The Reading Lamp  fiction to 3,000 words, poems, often more experimental or more "adult" than work on our Stories and Poems pages  
Crumbs short, witty Poetry, Quips and thought-provoking Flash Fiction (to 150 words)
Kid Stuff stories, poems, artwork of all kinds that tell a story reserved for our under-18 contributors.  A parent, guardian, or teacher must give written permission for publication and payment.

End Notes essays, poems, book reviews on any subject, topical essays, non-fiction

Payscale:  all prose 501 to 3,000 words = $0.01/word with a $20 minimum,  microflash (up to 150 words) = $5, flash (up to 500 words) = $10
                    Longer work will be considered.  Regardless of length, all payments are capped at $30.
                    1 poem = $7
                   quips, limericks and other short poems = $5 each
                   Kid Stuff submissions will be paid on a sliding scale from $5 to $20 depending upon the maturity of the work



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