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We welcome previously unpublished work (‘published’ includes work posted on Patreon or on a blog) in English or Spanish from all writers, and we are especially interested in seeing work from people of color, LGBTQIA people, disabled people, members of religious minorities, and people outside the United States. We strongly encourage submissions from people of those backgrounds, and all others whom traditional publishing has historically excluded.
Below you will find our submissions guidelines for:
If you have any questions about how to submit please email us at:


We use an online form to gather submissions, but we understand that this may not be universally accessible to disabled people. If you have questions related to accessibility, please email us at with the subject line: Accessibility Query. Accessibility Queries should only contain a request to submit by alternate means, and not be a submission.
Any submissions sent via email will be deleted unread.

Short Stories

We accept short stories up to 3,000 words. Our budget allows us to pay for up to 7,000 words per month, which means we are always going to buy more shorter fiction than longer stories. We especially love to see very short pieces that still tell great stories and make us laugh, cry, or transport us to new worlds. We love short short stories, like Karl Dandenell’s ‘We Who Stay Behind;’ ‘Junebug’s Magical Magnificent Mercurial Barbershop’ by Malon Edwards, and of course, ‘Parasitismo,’ by Alberto Chimal (¡sí, aquí también se habla español!).

Please submit:

  • Stories in English or Spanish
  • Stories that have never been published before.
  • Short stories up to 3,000 words.
  • Stories of any genre with a strong beginning/middle/end plot arc.
  • Submissions from anywhere in the world, from all kinds of voices.
  • Double spaced Docx or RTF files set in a 14 point serif font like Times New Roman.
  • Cover letters are optional, but they are great places to tell us about your connection the material, personal background or identity, and to include content warnings if your story deals with difficult subject matter.
  • Only one story per author — no multiple submissions.
  • Sending your story to other venues (simultaneous submissions) is okay, but we ask that you please withdraw immediately if you take another offer by emailing

Please don’t send us:

  • Stories that promote fascism, racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, etc.
  • Stories longer than 3,000 words (please don’t email to ask if you’re the special exception — you’re not).
  • PDF files
  • Stories attached to or pasted into the body of an email. Submissions sent via email will be deleted unread.
  • Stories that use intellectual property that is under copyright (we enjoy fanfic, but we don’t publish it).

What to expect from us:

  • Fireside acquires English language rights in print, digital, and audio formats. Please see our Story Contract Boilerplate for the full text of our contract.
  • First responses (either a rejection or a second round notice) within approximately one month of the end of our reading period.
  • Payment of 12.5 cents per word


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