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For All Submissions

  • Please email your submissions, addressed to a specific agent, to one of the following. For ADULT submissions:, for CHILDREN'S & YA submissions: We can no longer consider submissions sent by post, or return any that are.
  • Address your submission to the specific agent you feel most suits your work. You can read about what each agent is looking for on the right.
  • Put your name and the title of your manuscript in the subject line of the email, for example Abigail Bond THE FLIGHT.
  • The manuscript and synopsis should be in Word format and 1.5 or double spaced. Please check the spelling before sending.
  • Please do alert us via the submissions email address if other agents have requested your complete manuscript or you have an offer of representation.
  • You should find all information concerning submissions on this page, but if you have any questions please email It is not necessary to ring us.

For Fiction Submissions

  • Please write a one-line elevator pitch and up to three comparable books or authors you'd place your book alongside in your email
  • In the same way you would write a formal covering letter, please send a professional email introducing your book. Pitch your book in your email - write a compelling blurb to get us interested in the story and include information about yourself that is relevant to the work you are submitting.
  • Attach a one-page synopsis and the first three chapters of the manuscript. There should only be two attachments in a single email. As a rule, the synopsis should ‘tell the story’, with spoilers, rather than ‘sell’ the story (that is done in the introductory email).
  • To submit illustrations please send a little information about yourself along with a sample of your portfolio either via a link to your website or attached as PDFs or jpegs. Please avoid download links or zip files.

For Non-fiction Submissions

Non-fiction titles are often sold on proposal, so your book does not need to be complete at the time of submission to the agency.
When submitting a non-fiction project please write a covering letter introducing yourself and your project.
Please also attach a proposal as well as a 30 page writing sample. There should only be two attachments, do not send multiple emails.
The proposal should include the following information:
  • What your book is about and why it needs to be written.
  • Where it sits in the market, with reference to other similar or competing titles.
  • Why you are well-placed to write the book, with reference to your background and any credentials or professional expertise you may have.
  • A chapter outline, with a paragraph or two explaining what will be addressed in each chapter.

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